Dairyhaus Opens for 35th Season

Dairyhäus celebrates recent renovation and opening day with Stateline Chamber Ribbon Cutting.

Rockton, IL – It didn’t take long for a group of young and old ice cream lovers to gather at the Dairyhäus on Friday, March 30th. Everyone there was ready to welcome the 35th season and participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony that also celebrated some recent renovations.

Mulligan Restoration recently helped the Dairyhäus freshen up a bit by revamping the front door and the adjacent windows. Current Owner Brent Murray mentioned that there are more plans in store to take effect in the coming years.

The Stateline Chamber started the day’s celebration with Chuck Gilbert, Chamber Executive Director and Founder of the Dairyhäus, welcoming the well gathered audience, of Stateline Chamber Ambassadors, Board members, other supportive chamber members, and of course the community eager to enjoy the good stuff. Local newspapers and TV  stations were on-hand to provide flavorful media coverage.

Brent Murray addressed the crowd and cut the ribbon, officially opening Dairyhäus for business. He thanked his wife, Meredith, for her continued support as well as his mother and father, the store’s dedicated staff, Chuck Gilbert for his mentorship, and the community.

“The Stateline community means the world to me” Murray said.  “Without all the great people I don’t know if I’d enjoy doing this so much”.  Chuck Gilbert, original owner back in 1983 added, “I have a lot of pride when I see this place still here and can take my grandchildren in for ice cream”. A list of ice cream flavors and more information is available by visiting www.dairyhausrockton.com or by visiting their social media outlets such as Facebook.


About The Dairyhäus: The Dairyhäus was founded in 1983 by Chuck Gilbert, a salesman at local Taylor Freezer, as a way to showcase locally made ice cream manufacturing equipment. After many cones, sundaes, and scoops later the shoppe was passed down to Annie Murray. She was given the recipe book of the original twenty four flavors so she could continue the legacy that Dairyhäus holds today. Annie built a pillar of flavors which resulted in families returning summer after summer for our one of a kind service and scrumptious ice cream. Wanting to keep the business traditional and family friendly she then passed the shoppe down to her son, the present day owner, Brent Murray. Since then, ice cream lovers of the world have enjoyed homemade, handcrafted ice cream in a profusion of flavors. Today Brent and his team continues to consolidate Rockton’s emblem of not only ice cream, but community as well.