Connect. Grow. Prosper.

We are all about helping business connect with each other, grow in their potential, and prosper through it all. We are not your typical Chamber of Commerce – we are more than a seminar and formal dinner planner (although we do those things). We promote events, programs and services that will help our members become better connected in our region, and to help them build upon each other’s success.

Vision Statement

To be the premier resource for regional business development & community stewardship.

Mission Statement

We proactively stimulate growth in our region by offering a diverse level of community and networking events, educational opportunities, professional resources, & advocacy to our Members.

Core Values

Through our Core Values, we promote and build upon the unique qualities of our communities while establishing our region as a place where great families, businesses, and organizations thrive.


We can do more together than we can do apart.


We adhere to the highest levels of integrity & professionalism.


We continue to stretch our goals as we achieve them.


We are a Leader in business growth and future leadership development.


We empower our members to assist in achieving our mission.


We effectively communicate with our members and community.