Elevate your business by joining one of our social or referral Groups


You will be the only business in your profession. Other referral groups make you pick a specific specialty, but we understand that businesses have numerous services they can offer. Our exclusivity is much more broad, meaning you don’t have to split referrals with direct competition. Each Circle Coordinator will work with you to determine how deep your exclusivity can go.


These circles are intended to give everyone a chance to expand their network, meet new people, and gain the connections that can lead to clients, partnerships, and friendships. Because these are social in nature, many of the members may be new to networking, or just looking for a fun way to meet new people. It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, you are welcome here.



Our Member Circles are the marquee networking programs from the Stateline Chamber. We still do BA5 events, Ribbon Cuttings, and our Flagship Annual Events, but the consistency of our membership circles will give you networking opportunities like never before.



The nature of these circles is to build strong relationships with other local business leaders. The connections you will make through the Chamber have the power to develop into life long clients, partnerships, and even friendships. This level of engagement with your fellow members is critical to business growth.



Through our Referral Circles, you will have a nexus of people working on your behalf that are interested in sending you new business month after month. These circles are structured in a way that allows you to give and take referrals that will net you a serious increase in business leads.



Your circle has the ability to stay engaged with the community through political action, community stewardship, and other philanthropic endeavors. The key here is that you have the power of your group behind you to help make a difference in your community where it matters most.



Your brand will benefit from the added exposure, leading to people recognizing your company faster and aligning you with the values that matter to them. Plus, as a member of the Stateline Chamber, you get all the added benefits of membership like member rewards, discounted event tickets, online listings, etc…

Existing Referral Groups


Meeting Details
2nd & 4th Tuesday @ Noon
In-person meetings
Rotates between member restaurants

Circle Coordinator
Ryan Monette


Financial Advisor
Ryan Monette, Savant

Personal Insurance
Josh Cooper, Valentine Insurance

Law Firm
Matthew Hevrin, AGHL Law

Real Estate
John Broda, EXP Realty

Mortgage Lending
George Pleshkewych, Churchill Mortgage

Photography & Videography
Jenny Sarabia, Jenny Sarabia Portraits

Mike Wright, Hughes Resources

Title Services
Bethany, Midwest Title


Meeting Details
1st & 3rd Thursday @ Noon
In-person lunch meetings
Location varies

Circle Coordinator
Ryan Rydell


Personal & Business Insurance
Katie Sullivan, Vision Insurance

Law Firm
Adam Long, BSLBV

Marketing & Design
Ryan Rydell, RyCOM

Real Estate
Branda LaBuy, REMAX

Commercial Lending
Brent Scott, Rockford Community Bank

Construction & Remodeling
Nate Nafranowicz, Oxford Remodeling

Home & Commerical Cleaning
Anabel Salas, Anabel’s Cleaning


Meeting Details
2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 9am
Offers in-person and virtual attendance
Rotates between member locations

Circle Coordinator


Medical/Health Insurance
Cindy Costello, Medicare411

Payroll Service
Maureen Hagen, Paylocity

Mortgage Lending
Bruce Biggers, Churchill Mortgage

Staffing Service
Mike Loven, Staff on Site

Commercial Lending
Danielle DeDario, US Bank

Group/Employer Benefits
Peter Cimino, M3 Insurance