OSF HealthCare donates life-saving tourniquets to Rockford Police Department

(ROCKFORD, Illinois/April 29, 2022) – OSF HealthCare has donated 300 CAT generation 7 tourniquets and 300 Israeli bandages to the Rockford Police Department that will be added to the police department’s first aid kits in each squad car.

The donation was made possible by the OSF HealthCare Foundation and a donor, Christina Akely, in honor of her late husband, Jay, who worked in law enforcement for more than 20 years. The police department worked with OSF Northern Region EMS, which helped facilitate the request. “Partnering and fostering a relationship with the Rockford Police Department is important and we were happy to be part of this initiative,” said Sue Fagan, director of OSF Northern Region EMS.

Brad Lauer, a Rockford police officer, is assigned to the department’s training unit as a department trainer. Lauer and two other officers are responsible for all in-service training, mandated training and advanced skills training for every officer in the department.

“Through my training I knew that massive hemorrhage is the number one killer of any person suffering from a trauma,” Lauer said. “Using a tourniquet or Israeli bandage in the appropriate fashion to stop the bleed can, simply put, save lives.”

The bandage was nicknamed “Israeli bandage” by American soldiers, and has been “the bandage of choice” for the U.S. Army and special forces during military operations such as Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

“The OSF HealthCare Foundation and Mrs. Akely saw the need the Rockford Police Department had and we were happy to lend our support,” said Ryan Duvall, director of development for the Foundation. “This benefits not only the men and women of the Rockford Police Department, but the community during emergency situations.”