Building a Better, Brighter Future Together.

The business landscape is changing faster than ever. Never before has it been so important to THINK BEYOND the now.


Every year typically has some defining moments. 2020 will forever be seen as the year everything changed — and it’s forced everyone to live life and work differently.


With your safety as our primary concern, EntreCon® 2020 will be brought to you as a live, virtual conference. Much more than a series of webinars, we plan to host EntreCon® 2020 on the most fun and interactive virtual event platform available, allowing us to deliver more sessions, networking and helpful information to our business community than ever before.


EntreCon® is more than a conference: It’s creating a chain reaction of positive impact, elevating leadership and focusing on purpose. We will share inspiring stories of hope, learn from the experiences we’ve been going through, engage in meaningful discussion on moving forward beyond the struggles, make the important connections we need (despite not seeing each other in person) and have some fun!


This year we will:

  • Delve into all the issues you’re facing around the future of work.
  • Help you maximize the new way of working and give you the tools you need to be ready for the future.
  • Engage in dialogue and collaborative learning about the current multicultural and social justice issues of our times.
  • Learn how to build a more just and equitable environment within our organizations and communities.
  • Hear from a village of experts, thought leaders, executives, up-and-comers, and change-makers on how they’re moving forward.
  • Examine and demystify the sudden explosion of technology trends and tools.
  • Look at ways to build strong towns and vibrant communities.
  • Surround you with like-minded people and give you the opportunity to get answers to your most pressing questions.
  • Focus on ways to recharge and destress.

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Chamber members will receive a discount using code “Chamber”.