Stateline Softball Throwdown was a Hit!

Leland Park was the center of high tension and competitiveness during the first Stateline Softball Throwdown in Roscoe. With the field set and teams warming up, the small businesses who signed up for the throwdown were quick to learn that this was no backyard game. Though winning this tournament would not lead to national bids or championship rings, it would bring the winning team a sense of pride, earned bragging rights, and their name on a nice wooden plaque.


The day started with a match-up between RyCOM Creative and the Stateline Chamber. Both teams started off a little shaky, but once the rust was washed off, it was go time. The final score (the closest score of the day) was 6 – 4, with RyCOM coming out on top for the first win of the day.


The next match-up was between Anabel’s Cleaning Service and the Savant Sluggers. Team Anabel worked their way to the big W with ease throughout their seven innings. Unfortunately for Savant, this would not be their last loss of the day.


The third game was between RyCOM and Anabel’s. This crucial game would decide which team moved on to the championship final, and which team would drop down to the losers bracket. Though Team Anabel put forth great effort, RyCOM’s powerful bats and experienced fielders were no match for the opposing team. RyCOM took another solid win, improving to 2 – 0 on the day and locking down their place in the championship game.


By game four, it was time for loser-bracket play. Savant and the Chamber were the first to face off in the high stakes game – winner moves on, loser goes home. In a battle to the end, the Chamber rallied and came out on top sending Savant packing.


Game 5 was the semi-final with the Chamber and Anabel’s facing off. The stakes were even higher here, as the winner would improve to the championship game and the loser would suffer defeat and return home. It was evident that Anabel’s Cleaning Service knew how high the stakes were, as they effortlessly defeated the Chamber and secured their spot in the championship against RyCOM.


The sixth and final game of the day was the championship. RyCOM and Anabel’s Cleaning had to face each other once more in a winner-take-all battle. In a slow first couple of innings, it was unclear of who wanted the plaque more. But as the bats started rolling and the gloves started popping, RyCOM began to pull away, and with each inning, became closer and closer to the promised bragging rights. The final three outs were made and team RyCOM was crowned the Stateline Softball Throwdown Champions.


If your business is ready to dethrone RyCOM in next year’s tournament, be on the lookout early spring 2019 for sign ups. It was a fun day had by all, even those who weren’t playing. Check out the Facebook page for some photos taken during the day thanks to volunteer Branda LaBuy of Re/Max Valley.