Stateline Chamber Launches in Style

An event 20 years in the making. Over the years there has been numerous attempts to merge the Rockton & Roscoe Chambers. Various leadership groups have conducted studies, meetings, and even gone as far as holding membership votes. Despite these fervent attempts in the past, it wasn’t until 2015 that a new group of leaders where able to make it happen.

The latest initiative started in 2012 when both teams of board members met socially to informally discuss the idea. This grew to what had become a formal review, study, and proposal for merger, which was overwhelmingly passed by the membership in Mid 2015. After the merger was officially acknoledged by the State in September, the new Chamber was underway, working to relauch as the new Stateline Chamber.

At the event on February 11th, 2016, the Chamber showcased its new logo, membership programs and services, website, and more importantly – its focus on connecting people. The social event was highly anticipated, proven by how quickly it sold out its 200 available seats. In previous years, Rockton & Roscoe would average between 120 and 140 attendees at their annual dinners, never selling out completely. The strong response to the event was evidence that a merger was not only welcomed, but strongly supported by the community.

At the launch all the 200 attendees were treated to great food, live music from Miles Nielsen, and an atmosphere that promoted social connections instead of stuffy keynote speeches. As you can see by the great photos, taken by Brian Thomas Photography, the event was great fun.