RAMP Receives Grant from the Farmers Insurance for Youth Education Advocacy (YEA) Services

(Tuesday, October 5, 2021) RAMP received a grant in the amount of $1,000 from Farmers Insurance as part of their corporate citizen strategy focus. The grant will be used for RAMP’s Youth Education Advocacy (YEA) services in Stephenson County. These services include educational rights training, self-advocacy skills training, information & referral, peer support, independent living skills training, transition planning guidance, educational workshops, assistance with letter writing and attendance at IEP, 504 or other related meetings.

For more information about RAMP’s Services visit our website, rampcil.org or contact Renea Noordhoff, Stephenson County RAMP Manager, 779-774-1013 or rnoordhoff@rampcil.org

About Freeport Community Foundation

Established in 1975, Freeport Community Foundation Freeport Community Foundation has a 45-year history as a community-based charitable organization guided by community leaders who are dedicated to providing financial solutions for current and future community needs. During that time, the FCF has awarded almost $3 million in grant funding to non-profit organizations and projects throughout northwest Illinois. For additional information or to schedule a media opportunity, please contact the FCF at either (815) 801-3035 or via email at fcfdirector@freeportcommunityfoundation.org.

About RAMP

RAMP’s mission is to build an inclusive community that encourages individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential. RAMP takes a creative approach to find resources and opportunities available to team up with individuals with disabilities to access the community where we live, work and play. We have this knowledge because the majority of our staff and board of directors have disabilities. RAMP staff meets individuals with disabilities where they are at and together as a team we take them where they want to go. We advocate for the implementation of current laws, promotion of needed legislation and improvement of existing systems for people with disabilities while working to diminish negative attitudes that threaten to impede equal access. To learn more about RAMP, visit our website www.rampcil.org. RAMP is a United Way Member Agency.