Elevate Launches at Stateline Chamber

The Stateline Chamber has launched their new Member Circle program called Elevate. Informational sessions were held in June to let everyone know what this Elevate thing is and why is a benefit to them, their business, and their employees. Elevate offers two types of Circles: referral and social.

Referral circles are groups of people who are looking for a network of businesses to pass referrals. Most referral groups are bound by such a strict set of rules that include a tight restriction on business categories. There’s also usually a steep price tag to join.  One of the main differences is that there will be limited oversight by the chamber to give the groups more flexibility with how they conduct their meetings including how deep they want to go with category exclusivity. In comparison to other referral programs in the area, the price is a no-brainer.

Beth Wagner Townsend, Managing Director at Pro Legal Care LLC, said, “As a new Chamber member this year, we’re excited about the Elevate program because it gives us an opportunity to regularly connect with other businesses in the Chamber and invest time in learning about them as well as educating them about the type of work we do, so that we can both benefit from referring business to each other.” Beth has a long history with referral groups and is the first Circle Coordinator.

Social circles are more interest based. These are great to grow your network with a more relaxed tone. There are no categories here, members from all industries can join any of the social circles.

There are few asks from the chamber that include joining the chamber if you aren’t already a member, meetings need to be held at a chamber member business, and circles meet at least once a month but are encouraged to meet as often as they’d like. Outside of that the chamber will provide guidance and support, but will not dictate the agendas for each circle.

For more information, contact Branda LaBuy at the Chamber office. You can also click here to view the presentation that was shared at the info sessions.