BELOIT, WI. (August 29, 2022) — Beloit Health System (BHS) is excited to announce the groundbreaking of the North Pointe Birth Center taking place on the NorthPointe Campus, 5605 E. Rockton Rd, Roscoe, IL 61073 on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

The new facility will open in 2023. The NorthPointe Birth Center is a healthcare facility that will use an alternative care model to provide services during pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum care. The Center will offer the comforts of home, fully equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, a family waiting room, kitchen, and other amenities, located in close proximity to medical access if necessary.

This service will provide a safe, alternative model of patient care that focuses on a natural birth for low risk patients. Wellness is the primary focus and is in alignment and complementary to the NorthPointe Health and Wellness Campus. Additionally, the Center will provide another avenue for meeting needs of our clientele. “We are proud to bring this higher level of care to the NorthPointe Campus to serve our patients in the region. This is a unique service that is not currently provided in Southern Wisconsin orNorthern Illinois. The Center will focus on the entire family experience. The center will improve access and quality for low risk pregnancies,” stated Tim McKevett, President and CEO.

“BHS continuously looks for ways to help improve access and care in our community. This Center will offer licensed, qualified obstetric/pediatric consultants, and as a freestanding facility, it will be fully equipped to provide care, located in a serene environment. In following the mission of BHS, we are proud to be a leader in regional health and wellness services, delivering high quality, value and satisfaction to our patients and the communities we serve,” commented Sharon Cox, Vice President, RN, Chief Nursing Officer.

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