Stateline Chamber’s 3rd Golf Play Day

The Stateline Chamber Golf Play Day really is the most fun play day in the region. This year we had 100 golfers take part. Almost every single hole sponsor brought an activity for everyone to participate in, and beverages were not hard to find on the course.


All of the golfers had a great time, and they couldn’t ask for better weather. In the past they’ve had to deal with rain and wind, but mother nature really delivered this year. It was warm and sunny; so sunny that a few golfers might have blamed the sun for a bad shot or two… whatever helps you sleep at night.


If you got a good look at the course over Labor Day weekend, you would have seen that several holes were under water. The staff at Ledges Golf Course did a great job of cleaning up the course so it could be ready for our play day.


The winner this year was none other than the foursome of Gary Blascoe, Bruce Graham, Tom Gates, and Jim Deemer. For those keeping track, yes that is the third straight win for this team. The undefeated Stateline Chamber Golf Play Day champs keep everyone guessing how they do it. Will you be the one to dethrone them next year? We look forward to finding out.