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Beloit Daily News
149 State Street Beloit, WI 53511

The Beloit Daily News, which traces its roots to 1848, serves readers in six counties in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. The online edition, the BDN Connection, was launched in June 1995 to become the first daily newspaper Web site in Wisconsin. Today, the newspaper delivers information and advertising across a variety of platforms, from the print edition to the online edition to social media and more. Additionally, the company publishes a number of specialty and niche products, including StatelineBusiness, a business-to-business journal serving key decision-makers throughout the market.
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Beloit, WI 53512

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We help you get more… More of whatever you need. More customers, more leads, more followers, more support, more attention, etc… It’s no simple task, but the process is simple: Focus on your goals and make sure everything you do takes you one step closer to them. This means we need to worry less about the “what” and more about the “why”. RyCOM won’t steer you into a specific plan of action just because we are comfortable with it, or because it’s a good money maker for us. We work with you to determine the most fruitful ways to achieve your goals, and move forward from there so you can get more…

We are Turn-Key • We do nearly all of our work in-house, saving you time & money vs. firms that outsource their work to other people (sometimes us). This allows us to deliver faster results at a lower cost. Because we do so much, we are able to save you time and money by being the only marketing, design, production, printing, and digital firm you deal with.

We are Local • You are working with a partner that lives, works, and plays in the Stateline area. Our employees support all kinds of local initiatives and organizations that help improve our community. Everything we do is compared against how it impacts our families, our business, and our community.

We are Collaborative • We work with you, not against you. Your marketing goals require some professional help, but not from someone who is all about themselves and their own ideas. We know that your insights are critical to us creating the best possible plan of action.
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